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Corporate Information Resources for Sustainable Environmental Management

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Corporate Information Resources for Sustainable Environmental Management

SustainableCorp is a targeted industry program that is designed to foster informed corporate decision-making and track Sustainable Development policy and practice developments affecting industry. The SustainableCorp program assists companies in organizing, synthesizing and evaluating the very large body of currently available and rapidly emerging information on Sustainable Development and provides a forum for discussion and analysis of key issues, shared experience, and initiation of related projects and activities, among multinational company participants.

Very large volumes of information are being produced under the Sustainable Development rubric. Industrial companies need to sort out what is relevant to their operations in order to devise corresponding corporate strategies and plans. This program enables companies to determine how Sustainable Development policies and practices influence their company, the industry sector(s) in which they reside, and the positioning of industry worldwide, as well as how these policies and practices relate to other corporate imperatives and other societal goals.

The SustainableCorp program presents a unique opportunity for benchmarking and pursuit of shared interests related to Sustainable Development among a select group of multinational companies having common interests related to the broad Sustainable Development policy and practice arenas worldwide.